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Cisco ACI Multisite Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator.

Foundations Lab

Solution overview

Cisco's Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator (NDO) allows an ACI policy to be managed with a single pane of glass to for the whole environment. The key to NDO, the administrator is able to create consistent security and connectivity policies across multiple physical, and virtual sites.

This lab will go through all the steps necessary to bring up an ACI Multi-Site environment from two existing ACI fabrics. 

Deploying policy from NDO

  • Restore MSITE-EAST and MSITE-WEST fabrics using the ACI simulator
  • Importing sites into NDO
  • Spine policy and ISN connectivity
  • Infra policies in NDO
  • New Tenant in the NDO
  • Schema Templates, Create and deploy sites

Lab diagram


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