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HPE Primera Storage

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Solution overview

HPE Primera is HPE's latest enterprise storage system. Based on the HPE intelligent storage architecture, the HPE Primera system is future proofed, easy to manage and highly reliable. With the design improvements over the previous generation of systems and by leveraging AI in HPE Infosight, HPE can now offer a 100 percent availability guarantee.

HPE Primera storage system was designed and architected with latest and near-future technologies in mind. It is well positioned to take advantage of technologies such as NVMe/NVMeOF and SCM when they become more enterprise ready.

HPE Primera Storage system was designed for today's hybrid IT environment.

HPE Primera delivers flash speed, application-integrated data protection, copy data management and data mobility that is built for the cloud with less cost and complexity. It lets you seamlessly, securely and cost-effectively move data across primary, secondary and private/public cloud tiers, enabling simple cloud-based archive or disaster recovery while continuing to use your on-premises infrastructure for fast, reliable operational recovery and test/dev.

HPE Primera storage system is now part of WWT's Flash Lab, an environment designed to really test out the latest enterprise storage systems. It is designed with enough compute blades to create workloads that can tax the latest enterprise storage systems, connected through fast storage fabric such as 100G ethernet and 32G FC switches.

This lab also enables new customers to experience the look and feel of the simple management of a Primera system through both the GUI (SSMC) and the CLI.

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