Hybrid Cloud Identity and Access Lab With F5 + Okta + MS O365

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Solution Overview
This capability is a fully functioning sandbox that demonstrates how F5 APM in conjunction with Okta can be used to achieve centralized identity and access management within an enterprise across cloud and on-prem applications.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to acquaint users with how F5 APM and Okta can create a cohesive integration to provide centralize identity and access management across cloud and on-prem applications.

The following scenarios are contained within the lab:
  • Using Okta as a centralized identity provider for cloud and on-prem applications
  • Demoing single sign-on within Microsoft Office 365 using Okta
  • Utilizing F5 APM to seamlessly provide VPN and single sign-on access to on-prem applications

Hardware & Software

  • 1 x Active Directory Server
  • 1 x F5 BIG-IP VE
  • 2 x LAMP Servers
  • 1 x Windows Jumpbox
  • Okta IAM Tenant