Liqid Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure Lab

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Solution Overview

The Liqid Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI) Lab has been purpose-built to allow users to validate NVIDIA GPU and Intel Optane NVMe technology composition to Dell PowerEdge servers via software. The lab can support Windows and Linux operating systems along with VMware ESX. Administrators can pick and choose between any number of combinations of configurations that, when attempted in the physical world, would be impossible due to the number of PCIe slots a two rack unit server can support within its physical realm. Impossible configurations are possible in this environment.

Goals & Objectives

The primary takeaway from this lab is to see how simple the right Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure solution can make server composition of physically impossible configurations. Administrators will understand how to navigate the Liqid Command Center console to create a “Group,” add resources to the “Group” and then build a “Machine” from the resources. Upon completing this process, they will see the device show up in real-time in a Dell PowerEdge server with Windows 2016 Operating System.

Hardware & Software

  • Dell PowerEdge R740 w/ Intel 2nd Generation Xeon Cascade Lake processors
  • Liqid 8-slot PCIe Gen 4 chassis
  • Liqid 48-port PCIe Gen 4 Fabric Switch
  • Liqid Management Node
  • Liqid LQD1416 PCIe Gen 4 Host Bus Adapter
  • Liqid Element LQD4500 NVMe SSD
  • Liqid Element LQD3900 Intel Optane NVME SSD
  • NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU
  • NVIDIA Ampere A100 40Gb GPU 
  • Liqid Command Center v2.5.1.36
  • Windows 2016 Enterprise Server Operating System