Guided Demonstration Lab

Solution overview

Effective DevOps is often described as a combination of people, process, and tools. While many organizations strive to improve their technical capabilities and solutions, most struggle to understand how the integration of these three elements are used to influence the quality and performance of technical delivery. Business characteristics such as "quick to market", "technical agility", and "operational stability" are often pursued in great anticipation however, it is common for improvement initiatives to fail in delivering the anticipated benefits.

In this lab we'll focus on the importance of The Process used for technical delivery. While technical roles and tooling are referenced throughout the experience, this lab attempts to illustrate why improvement initiatives that focus exclusively on technical roles and tooling often fail to yield successful outcomes.

This lab attempts to portray, identify, and resolve a complex problem set that often motivates organizations to inquire about WWT services. To understand and improve on this complexity, we'll introduce concepts commonly known as:

These concepts are then used to illustrate the platform engineering benefits of Systems Thinking as well as the limited influence technical roles and tooling provide in organizational improvement efforts.

Finally, the feedback we've received during the development of this lab indicates the participant will likely have an experience that is different than initially anticipated. This is most common for those who primarily equate DevOps or platform engineering to technical roles and tooling or are unfamiliar with the previously mentioned concepts. We ask that the participant progress through the lab's stages with a patient, curious and unbiased mindset to relate its lessons to good project outcomes.

Lab diagram

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