Netskope Client Install and Security Check Lab

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Solution Overview

The Netskope client provides real-time visibility and control of managed devices accessing the cloud and web from anywhere. The Netskope client has a tiny footprint, takes minimal CPU resources, and simply steers cloud and web traffic from managed devices to the Netskope Security Cloud. All proxying and security functionality is performed in the cloud vs on the client.

  • Deployed on managed devices provides protection wherever the device and user goes
  • Single client for all cloud and web traffic
  • All proxying and security functionality performed in the cloud, not on the client
  • Lightweight footprint and minimal CPU resources used

Goals & Objectives

This lab will provide a user the ability to enable and disable the Netskope client and perform Security Checks. The policy that produces a 100% health check is provided.


  1. Security Check Baseline
  2. Security Check with Netskope Client
  3. Policy for perfect Security Check
  4. Netskope Client installation steps

Hardware & Software

  • Windows 10 Desktop with administrator access to Netskope tenant
  • Windows 10 Desktop with Netskope Client Installed
  • Web Browser
  • WWT's Netskope tenant