Netskope Remote Browser Isolation Lab

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Solution Overview

Netskope Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) isolates uncategorized and risky websites as an option for Netskope Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solutions. Known safe sites are allowed, known bad sites are blocked and risky websites are isolated for safe viewing all within one cloud platform, one console and one policy engine.

This lab demonstrates how the user experience and the administrator controls that make Remote Browser Isolation an effective and seamless protection against browser born malware.

Goals & Objectives

This lab will provide a user the ability to send user a notification, an alert and explore the Netskope management console.


  1. Allowed Web Browsing
  2. Blocked Web Browsing
  3. Remote Browser Isolation Web Browsing
  4. Policy for Remote Browser Isolation
  5. Configuration steps for enabling Remote Browser Isolation

Hardware & Software

  • Windows 10 Desktop with Netskope Client Installed
  • Web Browser
  • WWT's Netskope tenant