Nutanix Files

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Solution Overview
Nutanix Files delivers software-defined high availability, massive scale, easy self-service management, self-tuning, and self-healing—right out of the box. Deploy standalone or as part of our Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.


  • Deploy in minutes, update non-disruptively with a single click, and manage all storage from a single pane of glass. 
  • Scale-up or scale-out flexibly on the hardware of your choice and enjoy cloud-like pay-as-you-grow consumption. 
  • Know your data, who’s using it, and how—and then drive automated management and control.
  • Get greater visibility and actionable insights on your file data, including anomaly detection and predictive remediation of threats and risks. Optimize virtualized environments and automate everyday operations. Do it all with the advanced machine learning of File Analytics and the unprecedented simplicity of Nutanix Prism. 

Goals & Objectives

  • Look at Nutanix Files options
  • Ability to deploy SMB and NFS shares
  • Multi-protocol access
  • Take a look at the Analytics portion

Hardware & Software

Nutanix Files version 3.5
  • SMB 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0 support
  • NFS v3 and v4 support
  • File Analytics

This deployment is not meant for performance testing.