Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Essentials Lab

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Solution Overview

Dell PowerProtect is an enterprise data management solution that streamlines the process of monitoring, managing and analyzing copies of data while also addressing copy sprawl. PowerProtect software is designed for self-service copy orchestration, automated Service Level Objective (SLO) compliance and actionable insight that optimizes efficiency.

PowerProtect transforms the traditional centralized protection methods to an IT-as-a-service model, based on its self-service design. This design ensures that you can enforce compliance and other business rules, even when responsibilities for data protection are decentralized to individual database and application administrators.

PowerProtect enables IT administrators to schedule backups centrally for large-scale environments, while using an agent-based approach to discover protected and unprotected assets on an application server. 

PowerProtect enables new data paths with provisioning, automation and scheduling that enable data protection administrators to embed protection engines into the infrastructure for a high-performance backup and recovery solution.

Goals & Objectives

This lab was designed to provide a foundational overview of Dell PowerProtect Data Manager. The following capabilities will be explored in this lab:

  • Data Protection and Recovery
  • VMware Integration and Protection
  • Microsoft SQL Server Protection
  • Simplified Management using the Graphical User Interface

Hardware & Software

PowerProtect Data Manager 19.9.0-13

Data Domain Virtual Edition

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter

Microsoft SQL Server 14.0.1000.169

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise

Ubuntu Linux 20.04

VMware ESXi

Google Chrome 91.0.4472.164