Privoro Mobile Security

Solution Overview
The Privoro SafeCase™, the cornerstone of the Privoro Platform, is the first device to bring trusted, external computing to an organization’s untrusted, commercial mobile devices. At a basic level, the ExoComputer is a secondary computing device providing trusted services independently of the vulnerable mobile device. This two-system approach enables organizations to leverage the commercial mobile device for mainstream applications like email and web browsing while offloading critical services and protections like sensor control, digital key storage and identity to the ExoComputer. The ExoComputer brings its own processing, storage, communication and sensing capabilities, tied together in a specialized, high-security architecture designed to deliver high trust features, not to support millions of potential apps.
Cloud-integrated tools allow administrators to manage user and SafeCase actions and ensure compliance via a robust policy engine. Through integrations with a customer’s existing Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, policy enforcement can be managed all the way through to taking action on the user’s mobile device – such as clearing apps, locking the device or simply pushing a notification of non-compliant action. 

Goals & Objectives

Privoro Privacy Guard and SafeCase are physical solutions. A hands-on demo can be arranged by clicking on the Schedule button in the upper right corner and filling out the request form (we will be in touch to arrange a meeting as soon as possible). If desired, we can also arrange a demo of the Privoro Cloud SafeCase management solution.

Hardware & Software

  • Privacy Guard (iPhone 6/6s)
  • SafeCase (iPhone 7/8)
  • Planned: SafeCase (Surface Pro 4)
  • Privoro Cloud management solution