Privoro Mobile Security

Solution Overview
Privoro mobile solutions take the consumer to a new level in smart phone security, protecting from unauthorized audio surveillance, video surveillance, location tracking, and remote RF hacking. Privacy Guard and SafeCase effectively serve as Faraday cages wrapping the iPhone in a sleek case that can be placed in one of three modes: All Access (hood up, cover off), with full access to all phone features when no protection is required; Select Access (hood down, cover off), providing audio and video protection while offering access to most-used features like email, texts, and WiFi; and No Access (hood down, cover on), providing full protection against all video, audio, and RF tracking. 

Goals & Objectives

Privoro Privacy Guard and SafeCase are physical solutions. A hands-on demo can be arranged by clicking on the Schedule button in the upper right corner and filling out the request form (we will be in touch to arrange a meeting as soon as possible). If desired, we can also arrange a demo of the Privoro cloud SafeCase management solution.

Hardware & Software

  • Privacy Guard (iPhone 6/6s)
  • SafeCase (iPhone 7/8)
  • Planned: SafeCase (Surface Pro 4)