Protect Azure Stack Hub with CommVault Live Sync

Solution Overview
Microsoft Azure Stack Hub brings the power of Azure to your data center or edge location. Take advantage of the scalability and agility that Azure Stack Hub provides to build business critical applications then protect them with CommVault Live Sync.

Live Sync allows customers to create a warm recovery site on a secondary Azure Stack Hub stamp. Additionally:

  • Live Sync uses backup data to replicate virtual machines on Azure Stack Hub, which reduces the impact on production servers.
  • Live Sync is hardware agnostic; there is no need to reproduce the original hardware environment at the recovery site.
  • Live Sync provides an adjustable RPO and RTO, including the ability to reconfigure network interfaces for faster turn up.
  • Live Sync replication data can be compressed and deduplicated to reduce WAN traffic.
  • Orchestration features support continuity of operations:
    • Planned failover to validate the DR site or perform maintenance on the primary site
    • Unplanned failover for quick site recovery
    • Failback to move operations back to the primary site

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Goals & Objectives

This lab will introduce the user to Commvault Live Sync and it's ability to protect Microsoft Azure Stack Hub workloads to a secondary Azure Stack Hub stamp.

  • Protect/backup a virtual machine
  • Enable Live Sync
  • Manage Live Sync replication schedule
  • Perform a failover to the secondary site
  • Perform a failback to the primary site

Hardware & Software

Azure Stack Hub Stamp A
  • 6 x Hybrid Nodes
  • Azure Stack Hub Version 1908

Azure Stack Hub Stamp B
  • 4 x Hybrid Nodes
  • Azure Stack Hub Version 1908

Commvault Software