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Pure Storage FlashBlade

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Solution overview

Data is the most valuable asset in an organization today. However, slow and complex legacy storage systems often hold data back from being put to use. FlashBlade is the industry's most advanced file and object storage platform ever, a data hub built to consolidate data silos like backup appliances and data lakes – to accelerate tomorrow's discoveries and insights.

The Pure Storage FlashBlade platform is an all flash, Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) storage solution that gives customers an advanced data-hub approach to managing their data. WWT has partnered with Pure Storage to provide this lab giving access to the Purity operating environment on FlashBlade Hardware in the Advanced Technology Center.

No more trade-offs between capacity, performance, and simplicity. FlashBlade's modern scale-out architecture delivers all without compromise. Scale seamlessly up to to multi-petabyte capacity by simply adding more blades. Experience the power of massively parallel, scale-out storage architecture. FlashBlade reduces complexity, enables effortless scalability of capacity and performance and reduces total cost of ownership. 

You can learn how an end-to-end scale out Data Hub for AI/ML, Rapid Restore integration, and cloud data management solutions from Pure storage can help modernize a legacy data center.

Finally, pair together the Purity//FB OS with Pure's RapidFile Toolkit for Linux to take advantage of the FlashBlade's massively parallel, scale-out architecture, to deliver:

  • Increased Sysadmin Productivity
  • Faster Data Movement & Analytics
  • Faster & Simpler Data Pipelines

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