Pure Storage vVol Essentials Lab

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Solution Overview

Pure Storage FlashArray introduced vVols support with its Purity 5.0 operating system. VMware vVols offers control over resources at the VM level eliminating storage over-provisioning. vVols can also streamline storage and VMware admin operations by separating storage presentation from storage consumption, allowing the VMware admin to be self-sufficient. With vVols, VMware can communicate to the array to find out what features it supports and allow the VMware administrator to assign, change or remove functionality on a vVols on-demand and via policies.

Goals & Objectives

After completing this lab users will gain an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Introduction to VMware Virtual Volumes
  • Installation and configuration of the Pure FlashArray Web Client Plugin.
  • Registering the Pure FlashArray as a VASA provider.
  • Mounting a vVols Datastore in VMware.
  • Additional reporting capabilities of vVols and Pure FlashArray
  • Benefits of array-based snapshots.

Hardware & Software

This lab consists of a VMWare environment with a Pure FlashArray and Linux host designed to provide a sandbox environment for testing.

  • 1 x Windows 10 (Jumpbox)
  • 1 x vCenter
  • 1 x ESXi Host 
  • 1 x Linux Host 
  • 1 x Pure FlashArray