Rubrik Cisco Reference Architecture

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Solution Overview
Rubrik CDM on Cisco UCS Hardware allows customers to utilize their own equipment and have the full functionality of the Rubrik Cloud Data Management Platform.  The end user of this lab will be able to utilize all of the features and functions of the Rubrik software, which include access to Hypervisors, databases and different operating systems.

Deliver near-zero RTO, slash daily management to minutes, and accelerate app development across the data center to cloud.

Goals & Objectives

This on-demand lab provides the end user the ability to create an SLA to protect vm's, databases and windows, linux file systems.  

The user can explore the different functions of the Rubrik software from adding external targets, performing live mounts of databases or vm's.  At the end of this lab, the user should have a basic understanding of how Rubrik protects the many objects that reside in data centers.

Hardware & Software

  • Rubrik CDM (Cloud Data Management Software)
  • 1 x Vcenter 6.7
  • 2 x Windows 2016 Servers 64-Bit
  • 2 x Linux (Red Hat) v 7 64-Bit
  • 2 x Microsoft Sql Servers 2017 (Always On) 64-Bit
  • 2 X Oracle 12.C Databases
  • 1  X Active Directory