ServiceNow ITOM: Intro to Service Mapping

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Solution Overview
ServiceNow is the market-leading tool for Enterprise Service Management. Also known as the “Now Platform,” it's a leader in the application Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS/aPaaS) space. ServiceNow aims to consolidate an organization’s data, business processes, and knowledge into a single System of Action.

The Service Mapping application provides IT with visibility into the IT infrastructure that makes up business services. It creates accurate service maps, using traffic- and configuration-based discovery and infrastructure information in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to show the mix of applications, IT components, and cloud services that support a service - and how they are related.

This lab builds upon the knowledge gained in the ServiceNow ITOM: Intro to Discovery lab. While working through this lab, you'll become familiar with some of the basic concepts of Service Mapping application, by getting hands-on and creating your first, simple Service Map.

Goals & Objectives

By the conclusion of this lab, you'll accomplish the following in ServiceNow:

  • Create a MID Server user
  • Install the MID Server application on a Windows server
  • Validate a MID Server with your ServiceNow instance
  • Create an Application Service
  • Uncover a Service Mapping error
  • Create a Discovery Credential
  • Fix a Service Mapping error
  • Open/explore tracked configuration files
  • Manually extend a Service Map

Hardware & Software

  • ServiceNow Instance
  • Windows Server 2016 (2x)
    • MySQL Instance
    • Apache Web Server