Verint Compliance and Security Single Server Deployment Lab

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Solution Overview
Deeply integrated with Cisco UC, Microsoft Skype for Business and other leading communications and collaboration platforms, the Verint Financial Compliance suite is designed to help businesses overcome complex, everyday compliance challenges through proven technology, automation, data-driven business intelligence and an open architecture.

Financial institutions and other regulated industries worldwide rely on Verint's scalable and proven offerings spanning proactive communication governance, compliance recording, data retention, speech transcription and analytics, quality monitoring, recording assurance and advanced compliance investigation capabilities.

Using Verint Financial Compliance, your business can easily control, capture, retain, retrieve and analyze a wide set of communications for all regulated users, across a variety of channels, and provide proof of compliance that you are meeting regulatory demands.

Goals & Objectives

This lab introduces participants to the basic setup, configuration and integration of Verint Financial Compliance. Participants will install the basic single server solution and integrate it with Microsoft AD. Users will also configure and integrate Verint with a Cisco Collaboration system to monitor and record basic omni-channel communication.

Hardware & Software

  • Installed Cisco CSR 11.5.
  • Microsoft Skype for Business 2015.
  • Windows 7 Virtual Desktops with Microsoft Skype.
  • Windows 7 Virtual Desktops with Cisco Jabber and IP Communicator.
  • VMware Horizon environment for media-rich desktop experience.
  • Microsoft Exchange for single Inbox voicemail functionality.
  • Microsoft AD/DNS.
  • Verint Financial Compliance and security solution.