Veritas Flex

Solution Overview
Veritas provides a wide range of solutions ranging from information management, data protection, storage optimization, business continuity/disaster recovery and multicloud support.

Our build out in the labs is specific to the backup and recovery space.

What WWT has identified as value for our customers is how NetBackup Appliances integrate multiple components into a single device, streamlining management, operation and support.

Benefits to leveraging this type of solution:
  • Save time and money vs. building your own media server.
  • Easily scale capacity and performance as your organization grows.
  • Quickly deploy new data protection capabilities.
  • Better coordinate workflows between database and backup teams.
  • Increase savings with improved storage utilization and reduced network bandwidth.

Goals & Objectives

This lab is designed to demonstrated the vast feature set for information management and data protection.  

The architecture can support many IT and business objectives, but WWT has specifically developed the solution to support:

POC/LAB/ Demo Use Cases:
  • Multicloud Data Management
  • Large Virtualization deployments
  • Large DB (Oracle, etc)
  • High performance POC and Demo Gear

Hardware & Software

The 1920TB HA appliance unit is 24U installed into WWT racks  
Additional network requirements
(2) 10GB ports
(4) 1GB ports