VMware Workspace ONE - Adaptive Management

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Solution Overview
Workspace ONE delivers the foundation of the modern Digital Workspace, simply and securely delivering and managing any app, on any device, from anywhere. Access control, application management and unified device management are integrated together to provide a holistic platform for empowering user productivity while maintaining enterprise security regardless of application, location or device type. 

The adaptive management features of Workspace ONE enable companies to empower user productivity across BYOD and other device scenarios while assuring that critical applications are secured and protected. With adaptive management, BYO/CYO devices as well as corporate owned can be managed from a single console. This allows IT to provide a dynamic user experience and adapt the extent of management for a given device based on the user's changing needs.

Goals & Objectives

This lab, Workspace ONE Adaptive Management, provides an overview of the adaptive management capabilities of Workspace ONE, which allows the ability to dynamically enhance the degree of endpoint device management based on the applications used by a given user. In this lab, you will gain experience with the following: 

  • Logging into the Workspace ONE application
  • Installing an unmanaged application from the Unified Catalog
  • Attempting to install a managed application from the Unified Catalog and going through the device enrollment process

Hardware & Software

Cloud-hosted Workspace ONE UEM and Identity Manager tenants.