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Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Foundations

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Duration 20m
Updated Feb 16, 2024

About this learning path

This learning path on foundational Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) provides a comprehensive introduction and deep dive into the core aspects of BGP, the backbone of the internet's routing architecture. It starts by explaining the basics of BGP, including its purpose, operation, and fundamental concepts such as Autonomous Systems (AS), BGP sessions, and the BGP routing table. The series progresses to cover more advanced topics, such as BGP path selection, route advertisement, and the implementation of various BGP attributes like Local Preference, AS Path, and MED. Through practical examples, configurations, and troubleshooting scenarios, viewers gain a thorough understanding of how BGP facilitates global data exchange and the techniques network engineers use to optimize and secure BGP networks. The series aims to equip network professionals with the knowledge needed to manage and optimize BGP in real-world environments, emphasizing best practices and common pitfalls.

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  1. Basic networking knowledge of IP connectivity

What you'll learn

  1. Fundamentals of BGP
  2. BGP Path Selection
  3. BGP Neighbor Adjacency
  4. BGP Convergence
  5. BGP Filtering
  6. BGP Communities
  7. BGP Peer Groups
  8. BGP Route Reflectors

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  1. 1. BGP Basics
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  2. 2. Conclusion
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