Creating the perfect pizza kitchen for Little Caesars

Creating the perfect pizza kitchen for Little Caesars

Building a better employee experience to deliver a better customer experience.

Consumers are more digitally-savvy than ever, using a variety of channels — both digital and physical — to get what they want. For Little Caesars, this led to inefficiency in the heart of their operation.   

WWT and Little Caesars worked collaboratively to completely transform their kitchen with a cloud-native point of sale system that increased operational efficiency, enabled advanced analytics to drive business performance and fostered employee satisfaction. 




A human-centered approach 

An app that makes it easy to make the right decisions at the right time, and empowers employees to deliver on Little Caesars' patented Hot-N-Ready promise.


Intuitive and delightful for seasoned and new employees


Dynamic inventory and quality control


Intelligent order slotting and customer promise time


Seamless integration with third-party systems 


Scalable, secure, resilient and future proof


Predictive analytics to make a generational leap

The goal wasn't to simply bring Little Caesars up to speed with the market. The goal was outpace the market and maintain that gap moving forward. We incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to give each store a dynamic forecast — adjusted for historical patterns, real-time events and up-to-the minute anomalies — for how many pizzas to make and when. 

Our deep domain expertise cuts across business and technology. Our ability to extensively test solutions and deploy them at scale allows us to both advise and execute to create new realities for our customers. 

Here's how we did it for Little Caesars:

strategy + execution

We slinged pies before we scribed code

We worked the Friday night rush and busy lunch hours, and built relationships with franchisee groups before we started getting into the details of how we could solve their most pressing challenges. We ditched the traditional POS approach and leaned into a mobile app experience to build dashboards that focused on usability. 

business + technology

We baked in Little Caesars' vision

Little Caesars' vision is to be an unmatched leader in value, quality, service and convenience. We made sure our work reflected those principles. When we started, lowering the cost of training new employees was a top priority. When we finished, Little Caesars was able to ditch in-person training and provide it virtually because the app was intuitive and easy to learn. 

physical + digital

We considered the customer of the future 

Little Caesars' Hot-N-Ready business model demands speed and quality. Its legacy systems were not built to accomplish that in the digital age. As Little Caesars grows its percentage of digital orders, we designed a system to help kitchen staff understand exactly what the customer wants and when they want it.