Managed Services

For businesses who want to avoid conventional managed services models that can lock you into long-term commitments and out of your environment, WWT Managed Services offers a custom solution that gives you the freedom and flexibility you deserve.

Rooted in best practices, industry standards and decades of enterprise delivery experience, we built our Managed Services Platform from the ground up to monitor, manage and remediate network issues.

  • Modernize your infrastructure and reduce costs by leveraging more advanced levels of managed services over time — at the speed of your business
  • Save time and money by freeing IT staff to focus on critical business outcomes instead of manual tasks like code upgrades, patching and troubleshooting
  • Increase business agility by choosing a flexible services plan that pivots when you do
  • Unlock innovative insights with a managed services platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Improve the triage of network issues by leveraging analytics to anticipate future issues
  • Reduce the risk of downtime with 24/7/365 monitoring from our Command Center
  • Fill operational skillset gaps with expert services management from our Strategic Resourcing team

Core WWT Managed Services Offerings


State-of-the-Art Tools
Driven by AI and ML, our Command Center experts use our platform to monitor and manage your networks around the clock in real time.


A Managed Platform
Relieve your IT departments from manual tasks like patching, code upgrades, troubleshooting, runbook operation and incident management.


Triage Reimagined
We anticipate future network problems and accelerate remediation with advanced analytics, decades of hands-on experience and lessons learned.

Why Our Platform?

Freedom and flexibility

All of our service tiers are designed to exceed industry standards. We offer various levels of engagement to match your desired support structure — from "aid only" assistance where we execute runbooks, track incidents and escalations, to comprehensive managed solutions that drive operational transformation.

Our customizable experience evolves with your business needs. It also helps avoid services lock-in by letting you shift your spend with us annually. Moreover, you can always choose from a range of complementary services to accelerate your specific digital journey.

Financial benefits

We offer a range of financial mechanisms to consume our services, including OpEx, CapEx and hybrid models that involve hardware, licensing, staging, advanced deployment, managed services, services management and many more value-add services.


Our platform transforms service delivery through AI-driven productivity enhancements that combine AI/ML and deep-domain learning. Our continued investment in disruptive tools enables contextual collaboration, creates an unrivaled customer experience and lowers total cost of ownership.

Get to market faster

Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is like no other testing and research lab. It's a collaborative ecosystem to design, build, educate, demo and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions for our customers, partners and employees. With it, we’ve helped our customers do amazing things.

Prior to engaging us for managed services, customers can accelerate technology decision making and ROI by leveraging the ATC to validate patching, code upgrades and troubleshooting before release. After testing and deployment, our Managed Services team will be ready to monitor, manage and remediate your investment.

What to Expect

Alignment with your key business outcomes

Seamless transition

World-class customer support

Robust services catalog

Quarterly performance review


Services tailored to your desired level of management. We don't want you to feel locked-in to outdated strategies or commitments, so we operate according to the following methodology:

  1. Service Design: First, we partner with you to tailor a solution that fits your business roadmap using the appropriate combination of Managed Services offerings and capabilities.
  2. Service Transition: We then collaborate with you during onboarding using a proven project methodology to ensure smooth transition to our platform.
  3. Service Operation: Once aboard, our in-house 24/7/365 Command Center begins handling a wide range of issues using industry best practices and processes.
  4. Continuous Improvement/Innovation: Our Managed Services offerings are designed to deliver innovative technology, continuous process improvement and automation. Ongoing platform innovation enhancements are collaborative and largely customer-driven. If you have a suggestion for enhancement, let us know!
Ready for flexible Managed Services?