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Partnerships are the bedrock upon which Cisco innovates and succeeds. In this spirit, Cisco ThousandEyes is thrilled to announce World Wide Technology (WWT) as the winner of the inaugural ThousandEyes Partner of the Year Award.

This award celebrates a partnership that has consistently exceeded expectations. WWT, a global technology solutions provider, has showcased exceptional sales performance and deep technical expertise, making them a true standout in our partner ecosystem.

"It is both an honor and a privilege to work with WWT," said Craig Vario, Head of ThousandEyes Global Channel Sales. "Their dedication to making ThousandEyes a core part of their ecosystem is a testament to the strength of our partnership and the value we bring to their customers."

Driving Business Growth Through Innovation

In an era where digital infrastructure and network assurance are paramount, WWT's team has demonstrated a remarkable understanding of ThousandEyes' technology. This expertise allows them to tailor solutions to meet their customers' unique and evolving needs.

More than just a technology partner, WWT is a trusted advisor to their clients. Their ability to provide valuable insights, navigate the complexities of digital transformation, and deliver tailored solutions sets them apart. WWT's dedication to understanding their customers' challenges is a key factor in their success and the winning outcomes of the organizations they serve.

Paving the Way for the Future

In commemorating WWT, we also recognize their role as industry leaders. Their ability to harness ThousandEyes' solutions and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape positions them as pioneers. WWT's partnership with ThousandEyes is not just a testament to their past achievements but also a promising outlook for the future.


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