CIO Jury: Artificial intelligence and machine learning an essential part of cybersecurity

Teena Maddox: World Wide Technology also plans to use AI and ML this year as part of its cybersecurity plans, according to chief technology advisor Rick Pina.

March 1, 2020 40 second read

by Teena Maddox

Security is always a concern for the enterprise, and learning new tactics to make it more effective is key. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) play a big role for some companies, and our CIO jury agrees.

When asked the question, "Are AI and ML a critical part of your cybersecurity plan this year," the 12-member CIO jury was definitely on the side of opting for innovation, with 67% saying they will be using these technologies to protect their company this year. Each of the remaining 33% of our panelists said that while they aren't using it yet, they are using AI and ML in other ways and learning more about it.

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