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Cisco DevNet certifications: 10k awarded in first year

Cisco’s revamped DevNet certification portfolio focuses on network programing, automation and application development, and those software-based skills have never been more important, according to Network World.

by Michael Cooney

In the year since Cisco revamped its DevNet certification portfolio to focus more on network programing, automation and application development, the need for those software-based skillsets has never been more important.

The requirement for software skills in the networking environment is being driven by a number of factors including the tremendous increase in the use of automation, the need to have an intelligent pipeline to remote users, and the growing necessity to efficiently network and secure multicloud resources. Many of these changes were already underway of course, but tons more are being driven by the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on many enterprise data-center, campus and wide area network operations.

“We have seen an uptick in demand for infrastructure automation, one of the most in-demand areas overall,” said Mark Wall, senior practice manager, Automation and App Services with World Wide Technology (WWT), a technology and supply-chain services provider. “Due to the need to digitize business over the last year, customers are looking at automation to not only drive scale but also to enhance security and ensure accuracy. Taking a programmatic approach to managing and securing infrastructure is certainly top-of-mind today.”


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