CISCO LIVE, LAS VEGAS, June 6, 2023 — Cisco (CSCO), the leader in enterprise networking and security, is delivering on its promise of the AI-driven Cisco Security Cloud to simplify cybersecurity and empower people to do their best work from anywhere regardless of the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Cisco is investing in cutting-edge innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning that will empower security teams by simplifying operations and increasing efficacy. 

Secure Connectivity to All Applications and Resources, Anywhere 

Today's IT environment has dramatically shifted. Cloud adoption is accelerating. Remote and hybrid users are now the majority.  Most organizations rely on a complex web of point products that weren't designed to support today's highly distributed environment. Users are forced to navigate inconsistent access experiences and reauthenticate throughout the day—disrupting productivity. With Cisco Secure Access, Cisco's new SSE solution, decisions about how users connect to applications are handled behind the scenes, so they get to what they want more quickly.  The result is users who are more secure with less hassle. 

"With Cisco Secure Access, we are removing the burden from the user and providing a superior experience with frictionless access to all applications—not just some—to enable secure, hybrid work," said Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration at Cisco. "Our unmatched visibility of the network gives us an advantage that no other company has—and we truly believe that where security meets the network, Cisco is the best in the world." 

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"Organizations are deploying SSE for a variety of reasons, but improving security outcomes is arguably at the top of the list. Achieving this requires an emphasis on users to create a frictionless experience and simplifying security team processes to improve efficiency and ensure consistency," said John Grady, Principal Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group. "Security teams making plans for SSE should prioritize integrated solutions that focus on simplicity, scale, and user experience." 


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