FlexJobs survey finds top companies for millennials to consider when looking for work-life balance

World Wide Technology ranked #7 on FlexJobs 2017 survey, seeking out companies offering the best work-life balance for millennials.

Aug 9, 2017 2 minute read

World Wide Technology ranked #7 on FlexJobs 2017 survey, seeking out companies offering the best work-life balance for millennials.

Posted by Forbes on August 9, 2017:

FlexJobs surveyed over 1,100 millennials for their 2017 Super Survey. They sought to find out what millennials really want from work. Questions ranged from the job search to entrepreneurship, and everything in between. What they found is that above all else, 82% of those surveyed evaluate job prospects by perceived work-life balance.

Millennials are looking for companies who will provide them with a salary that will cover their basic living essentials, some travel, debt repayment, and save for retirement. About half of the millennials surveyed report staying motivated and engaged in their work when there are opportunities for them to succeed, they have the ability to make a larger impact and enjoy their job overall. While work-life balance outweighed other factors when looking for a new job, the desire for overall flexibility ranked high as well with 71% of those surveyed. For this generation, work flexibility allows them to prioritize time with family as they save time on the stressful commute.

While Generation Y desires greater flexibility in their schedule, they also want the stability of a traditional employer. Freelance or independent contract work was ranked as the least desirable form of flexibility. Instead, the majority of those surveyed were most open to telecommuting 100% of the time (83%), and nearly three-quarters of those surveyed reported they would be happy with a flexible schedule.

While some companies may be slow to change and accept millennials desire for flexibility, others are adapting. FlexJobs utilized the survey data and compared it to past lists of best workplaces for millennials to create a list of the 16 best companies for millennials seeking flexible work environments.

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