How Pedal the Cause Works to Create a World Without Cancer

Business Development Manager Matt Long discusses WWT's involvement in Pedal the Cause and how the organization is striving to create a world without cancer.

Oct 24, 2016 3 minute read

Fighting cancer with the 100 percent model

When I got the phone call that gave me the news that I had cancer, my first feelings were numbness and fear. From there I moved on to concern for loved ones, and then on to mentally preparing for the fight.

Cancer has impacted the lives of everyone in some way. We all have personal experiences with family, friends and acquaintances that have been affected by this horrible disease. But in some ways, it is those experiences that make us who we are and equip us with tools to make a difference.

I became involved with Pedal the Cause (PTC) a little more than two years ago as a way of giving back. It was something I had always wanted to do, but in my mind it was only an event in which to participate.

I wasn’t prepared for what it really is — an extended family, an organization and a movement that is committed to creating a world without cancer.

It’s a way to do something about all cancers, and to create a positive, lasting impact for everyone.

100 percent model

Competition for federal funding for research is intense and funds from the National Institute of Health (NIH) has been reduced over the past few years. PTC, through the generous support of its sponsors (of which World Wide Technology is one), is able to direct 100 percent of all funds raised by participants to cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Think of the projects being funded as seed money for promising ideas that need to be explored more. There is current research into immunotherapy to treat certain cancers occurring, and PTC funds help make that possible. PTC projects have already proven to be widely successful – so much so that for every $1 in funds donated to PTC, an additional $7 has been secured in federal funding to grow the seed money and expand the research on these promising ideas.

How does the event work?

What does this mean in terms of the actual event? It means that participants select a distance to ride (or not ride if cycling isn’t for you and you want to participate virtually or in the spin tent) and make a fundraising commitment. One hundred percent of the funds raised go toward supporting research. All administrative expenses for the organization and costs for the actual events themselves are covered. There are a number of ways to get involved in festivities over the course of the PTC weekend, from the actual ride to races for kids to Taste the Cause – there’s something for everyone!

The WWT team

We have had a WWT team for just two years and have already raised a total of $61,000. That translates to more than $400,000 to fund research projects that are making a real difference. PTC is a phenomenal organization. With the continued support of participants like our team members, all of the generous donors, and good corporate citizens like WWT enabling the 100 percent model, we will create a world without cancer.

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