by Todd Palmer,  SVP, Illumio Global Partner Sales and Alliances

Cybersecurity mandates and guidelines are naming Zero Trust as the best practice security strategy. In fact, Forrester research shows that Zero Trust has now reached mainstream adoption.  

With so many organizations working to accelerate their Zero Trust strategy, it's important that they work hand-in-hand with trusted IT and security leaders to achieve their cybersecurity goals. Illumio and World Wide Technology (WWT) have partnered to help organizations navigate the seemingly complex Zero Trust landscape, leveraging Illumio's unique position as the leader in Zero Trust Segmentation and WWT's focus on delivering security transformation for the largest companies in the world.

This past March, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) released a new cybersecurity information sheet, Advancing Zero Trust Maturity Throughout the Network and Environment Pillar, which recognizes Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) as a foundational element of Zero Trust. With this validation, it's more important than ever that organizations implement ZTS as part of their Zero Trust strategy.

John Kindervag, godfather of Zero Trust and Chief Evangelist at Illumio, and Kate Kuehn, Head of Global Advocacy for WWT, sat down to discuss the importance of Zero Trust Segmentation for building Zero Trust and how the Illumio and WWT partnership makes it easy for customers to gain the benefits of a Zero Trust architecture with Zero Trust Segmentation at its core.

1. Guidance for your Zero Trust journey

CISOs and security leaders know they need to implement a Zero Trust security strategy. And even with the wealth of Zero Trust guidance available – or perhaps because of it – leaders are still struggling to know the practical next steps specific to their organization's Zero Trust journey.  

That's why partnering with Illumio and WWT along that journey is so valuable.

"It's partnerships like we have with Illumio that allow us to help our customers guide through what I call this digital risk journey and implementing Zero Trust," Kuehn said.

Both Illumio and WWT bring years of experience and expertise to guiding organizations across all sizes, industries, and geographies through their Zero Trust journey. The partnership allows customers to leverage WWT's roots in network foundations, cybersecurity, and now AI combined with the security knowledge of the leader in Zero Trust Segmentation.


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