WWT Cloud Leader on Public Cloud Cost, Benefits of Software-Defined Data Centers and Dell Technologies' Unification Strategy

WWT's Vice President of Strategy, Data Center and Cloud, discusses public cloud and software-defined data centers in this article from CRN.

May 8, 2018 2 minute read

Posted by CRN on May 8, 2018:

WWT's Vision On Cloud And The Data Center

World Wide Technology's new leading cloud and data center strategist, Jonathan King, is seeing the benefits of software-defined data centers in a multicloud world.

"When you look at the move towards software-defined data center and automation, you start to get the kinds of benefits that the public cloud companies have been tapping really since their creation," said King, vice president of strategy, data center and cloud at World Wide Technology, a $10.4 billion solution provider powerhouse and top Dell partner.

In an interview with CRN, the IT veteran talks about WWT's strategy and vision around cloud and the data center, as well as the benefits of Dell Technologies' push to make it easier to buy and sell across its seven brands.

Do you see customers pulling back from public cloud due to the cost as more software-defined data center technologies become available?

Customers are looking at public cloud as a key part of their strategy but are also learning that you have to take into account the way you design your application and how you're deploying in public cloud, as well as what you're running on-premises to make sure you're putting the workload in the right place. If you just lift and shift and move applications to the public cloud and have them arrive in the same way that they ran on-premises, it can cost you more money because you haven't designed or re-architected the application in the environment to take advantage of the design of public clouds. So we see clients experience that, where they're really thinking through how you design, what you're running in the cloud, and also that you're looking at how you can modernize and integrate your offerings with the public cloud as well through an on-premises standpoint.

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