As it seeks to continue its mission of being a profitable growth company that is also a great place to work for all, World Wide Technology is excited to announce the hiring of Shannon Lassen as its new Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager. 

Shannon Lassen

Lassen, who previously led diversity and inclusion initiatives for St. Louis-based Lockton Companies, will support WWT Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion Bob Ferrell and work with internal teams to build upon WWT's culture of inclusion, which drives shared value across the company's people, business and community.  

At Lockton, Lassen established the D&I program before spearheading its expansion into seven additional cities to form the Midwest Series. She also sat on the Diversity & Inclusion Council for Lockton's corporate office in Kansas City. 

Learn more about Lassen by reading the below Q&A:

What is your personal philosophy on Diversity & Inclusion?

Lassen: One of my favorite quotes is: "Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves, too." We are living in an age where the home has become the workplace for many, and the challenges of real life are blurring the lines of work versus personal. 

Even before the pandemic, we spent much of our time in the workplace surrounded by coworkers and peers alike. Being able to bring your full and authentic self to the workplace should feel natural. Belonging should be the basis for any workplace culture. 

When implementing new programs or initiatives, I always ask myself: Is this inclusive of all workforce, communities and customers we serve? Will this affect our ability to make others feel safe and supported in the workplace? Are we making sure we have a set of diverse voices that sit at the proverbial table when making organizational decisions? 

On a personal note, I've always strived to "build a longer table, not a higher one," when building a truly equitable D&I program. Lived experiences vary and taking the time to listen to employees about their journey is a significant piece in building a culture of inclusion and understanding. 

What are your early impressions of WWT and how to you see the Diversity & Inclusion program maturing?

Lassen: I've been impressed with WWT's commitment to a long-term D&I approach throughout the entire organization. In order to create a sustainable and enhanced culture of inclusion, there needs to be accountability from the top down and engagement throughout. Humility and embracing change — two core values here at WWT — are key. And WWT recognizes there is always more work to be done. Many organizations fail to acknowledge their blind spots, yet WWT has embraced the learning curve and I look forward to the journey ahead. A D&I program is just that — a journey, not a destination.

Further, lived experiences of employees are celebrated here, which caught my eye from my early conversations with the WWT team. The Storytellers program is a piece of the D&I journey that shows just how welcoming WWT is in learning and seeking to better understand our vibrant team members. 

The need for an agile and proactive talent strategy has never been more important than it is today as the global marketplace evolves. WWT's D&I building blocks are perfectly positioned to grow with the organization so WWT can prosper in a competitive landscape that includes an increasingly disparate workforce and evolving client/partner demographics.

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