Operational Readiness Assessment

Modern IT operations requires modern workflows and processes. WWT's Operational Readiness Assessment enables the realization of investments in IT infrastructure modernization and digital transformation.

Why is operational readiness important?

Digital transformation only succeeds when organizations have the right processes and structure in place -- what is called Service Orientation. Without this, a CIO Paradox occurs where the business demands faster market reactions from the IT organization (application transformation) without allowing the required investment in the underlying structures and processes (infrastructure transformation).

Application Transformation and Ops Model Transformation

We work with you to understand the maturity of your current IT processes; and define a spectrum of process maturity across the many domains. Then, we design process modernization requirements relative to each domain to achieve goals related to people, process and technology that encompasses your entire IT system.

The key to process modernization requirements is a strategy that helps you use software-defined anything (SDx) technologies, as well as digital and cloud environments to become more service oriented. With these technologies enabled, you can overcome the CIO paradox by your resources spending more time on delivering business value--faster market reactions--and far less on maintenance, procurement processes and siloed infrastructure tasks.

What is an operational readiness assessment?

The ORA evaluates the preparedness of IT organizations to consume the capabilities that are being deployed as part of their digital transformation initiatives.

Based on the market credibility of our seasoned and experienced senior-level consultants--many of whom have carried out similar and successful digital transformation processes at Fortune 500 companies as CIOs and CTOs--we leverage their deep expertise coupled with current ITIL Standards, ISO 20000 frameworks and industry best practices to evaluate your current IT process capability, design the needed future state IT process capability and ultimately, provide a gap analysis showing the steps and conditions that must be met in order to achieve your goals.

During the ORA delivery, we will augment, assess and analyze your vision for IT operations capabilities, toolset, staffing and develop an operational methodology that can be implemented repeatedly across the enterprise.

This engagement will include several phases that can be rapidly implemented to match business processes and needs to operational guidelines, standards and documentation throughout the IT organization. Finally, we provide recommendations for closing gaps that align with timeframes of new technology capabilities and changes to people and processes.

Methodology matters

We use the EDGAR (Engage, Discover, Gap, Analysis, Report) methodology to establish a future-target and evolve the maturity of the IT processes.

  • Focused ORA workshops engage your teams toward a common goal across technical silos and provide a deeper understanding of your current state operating model and process implementation maturity.
  • Evaluation includes processes, roles and skill sets against WWT experience, standard frameworks, and industry best practices.
  • The gap analysis resulting from the evaluation of process, roles, and skillsets provides the evidence for which the recommendations are derived.
  • We highlight areas, with detailed and concrete recommendations, to maximize the business benefits from implementing an SDx, digital and cloud platform.
  • Our global expertise drives the development of actionable, prioritized recommendations to optimize the application of chosen SDx capabilities.
  • We ensure that the ORA provides a solid foundation for your business to grow rapidly and support delivering a high-quality of service to business stakeholders.
The Edgar Process Improvement Framework

Our services

At the end of the assessment, we present a remediation plan based on overall organizational maturity. The plan provides all the steps an organization must take to maximize the capabilities of their modernization initiative.

We also offer full-service plan implementation, which includes staffing, creating policy plans and procedures and providing support to help the organization adopt the capabilities of their initiative.

We provide a complete end-to-end solution to a digital transformation. Our approach with an ORA includes the people and process requirements, along with the technology, to deliver holistic system transformation.

End-to-end solution to digital transformation

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