Enterprise Architecture

The growing complexities and interdependencies between business and technology have brought a renewed interest to enterprise architecture (EA). Using a practical and collaborative approach to EA, we help organizations accelerate decision-making and drive business and technology transformation.

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A Modern Approach to EA

The practice of EA has evolved over its 20-plus year history. Despite significant advancement in the discipline, modern EA efforts still fail to align technology changes with strategic goals far too often. This usually occurs at the extremes — where initiatives either tend to become too abstract, removed in an Ivory Tower of theory, or become overly focused on a siloed solution architecture.

WWT is different. Our practical approach to building an EA function balances actionable projects with dynamic, long-term strategy.

EA Influences Decision-Making

From Strategy through Delivery

As organizations attempt to navigate this era of digital disruption by transforming the core functionality of IT, the role of EA cannot remain solely tied to strategy.

It must connect to business outcomes.

By combining our expertise in EA, advanced technology solutioning and execution, we'll show you how to position EA in a way that influences key strategy, planning and delivery decisions — so EA becomes the connective tissue between your IT and business organizations.

How to Build a Mature EA Function

Our EA Maturity Curve framework illustrates the typical stages needed to achieve a successful, practical EA function. 

The first step for any EA transformation requires understanding the state of your organization's existing architecture. Only then can we help you chart a path up the curve toward a state of fully integrated enterprise architecture.