Aligning business strategy to IT decision-making

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is key to every digital transformation.

The growing complexities and interdependencies between business and IT are driving a renewed interest in Enterprise Architecture.

But without the right approach, companies pursuing digital transformation risk failure. Enterprise Architecture often becomes too theoretical to drive meaningful impact or is too focused on technology and disconnected from business planning.

WWT's practical approach to Enterprise Architecture avoids these pitfalls by balancing actionable projects with dynamic, long-term strategy.

Benefits and value:

  • Accelerate decision-making and delivery of business outcomes
  • Organize and optimize infrastructure to align with business goals
  • Modernize and grow your IT department
  • Foster collaboration and alignment between business and IT leadership to generate tech-enabled innovations and operating models

What We Do

A new approach to Enterprise Architecture

WWT helps organizations think differently. Our experts take a practical approach to building an Enterprise Architecture function that drives positive business results. We can help you position Enterprise Architecture in a way to influence key strategy, planning and delivery decisions and become the connective tissue between your IT and business organizations.

Using our Enterprise Architecture Maturity Curve framework, we’ll work to understand the current state of your capabilities and help you chart a path toward a fully-integrated Enterprise Architecture function.


Zero State

Siloed solution architecture

  • No Enterprise Architecture team or artifacts
  • Disparate solutioning
  • Shadow IT
  • IT disjointed reactive to business
Stage One

Technology-focused, ivory-tower Enterprise Architecture

  • Enterprise Architecture team in place but not collaborative
  • Artifacts are “shelfware”
  • Mainly technology reference architectures
  • No executive buy-in or ownership
Stage Two

Technology executives own, drive tech strategy

  • Technology now has executive ownership
  • Exec strategy drives tech decisions
  • Tension created by lack of interaction with business
  • Artifacts are accessible
Stage Three

Business-driven, technology focused

  • Business-focused insights and drivers
  • Light interactions with business stakeholders
  • Business has minimal interest using artifacts
  • Artifacts written in technologists’ language
  • Lack of integration into budget cycle
Stage Four

Technology and business execs have ownership

  • Both business and tech leaders invested
  • As-needed integration with budget cycle
  • Minimal messaging to greater organization
  • Mature governance processes enforce Enterprise Architecture guidelines
  • Artifacts written with more focus on business language
Stage Five

Complete Enterprise Architecture function 

  • Enterprise Architecture is fully integrated with business strategy discussions
  • Tight link between business and tech strategies
  • Proactive messaging and communication
  • Governance is business outcome-driven
  • Enterprise Architecture tightly linked to budget cycle
  • Business units leverage Enterprise Architecture artifacts
  • Enterprise Architecture is connective tissue across tech silos

How We Help: From strategy through delivery

As organizations look to transform the core functionality of IT to thrive in today's digital world, the role of Enterprise Architecture must not remain solely strategy based.

Rather, Enterprise Architecture must become the connective tissue between a company's business and IT organizations, playing a central role in influencing strategy, planning and delivery decisions.

Our experts are ready to help, wherever your organization is in the journey to a mature Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture assessments

Whether your organization currently has an Enterprise Architecture function or not, our experts can help you kickstart or mature your capabilities by building the foundational components of Enterprise Architecture while driving quick wins for key business and technology initiatives.

Scale-out engagements

Once you establish the foundation of your Enterprise Architecture plan, we’ll help you scale the downstream delivery of technology projects and programs by building artifacts and implementing roadmaps across the breadth of your technology and business domains.

Our services

  • Scale out your Enterprise Architecture team
  • Data center profiling and migration
  • Change management engagements

Operational readiness engagements

During operational readiness engagements, our experts deep dive into the current state of your business or technology environment and identify gaps compared to your desired future state. We also recommend which tools and resources to invest in to achieve that defined future state.

Our services

Our Work

We help customers large and small — across industries and borders — design and create modern Enterprise Architecture functions within their organizations. Explore a few of the highlights.

Our People

Our architects, engineers and managing consultants have years of hands-on experience showing customers how to position Enterprise Architecture in a way that influences key strategy, planning and delivery decisions.

Meet some of our Enterprise Architecture leaders

James Bigger, Managing Director
Business & Analytics Advisors

James is a co-founder and leader of WWT's Business & Analytics Advisors practice, with responsibilities for Enterprise Architecture, data analytics and AI, and overall practice growth. He is experienced in leading complex transformation services, relationship management, business development and practice management. James holds a bachelor's degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Oxford University.

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Yoni Malchi, Senior Engagement Manager
Business & Analytics Advisors

Since joining WWT in 2017, Yoni has led AI and Enterprise Architecture management consulting engagements across a variety of industries (healthcare, car rental, consumer packaged goods, financial services). He currently drives our AI R&D program with the data science team. He is adept at listening to market needs to find practical business use cases that could benefit from the latest analytical techniques and technologies (e.g., deep learning, streaming analytics, GPUs, etc.).

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