Partner Spotlight: APC by Schneider Electric

APC & WWT: Delivering World Class Power and Data Center Solutions

WWT is an authorized Elite Data Center partner collaborating with APC by Schneider Electric (APC) on providing power and data center infrastructure solutions for our customers around the world.

WWT has been an APC Data Elite Partner since 2008. This designation recognizes partners who demonstrate a high level of expertise and commitment surrounding the APC product portfolio. As an Elite Partner, WWT is certified to provide our customers with APC's complete line of critical power and cooling solutions with emphasis on high availability and energy efficiency. With the increasing global demand on connectivity and the role technology plays in our everyday life, there is very little tolerance for system failures, slow networks or downtime.

WWT and APC are able to provide:

  • The industry’s most comprehensive and energy efficient portfolio of critical power, precision cooling, rack systems and integrated hardware solutions.
  • Product solutions and services that span the utility entrance, to Edge Applications, and all the way through to the end-use IT and networking devices.
  • Innovative range of remote software monitoring, metering, planning and automation solutions backed by design and supervision software to manage all aspects of a data center, from rack to row to room to the entire building.
  • Product and service solutions that address today’s dynamic and ever changing IT environment.

Edge Computing Solutions

Edge Computing Solutions including power, cooling, and remote management

Micro Data Center Solutions

Micro Data Center Solutions for all major OEMs such as Cisco, Dell, Nutanix, HPE, Scale, Stormagic, Lenovo, IBM, Microsoft, Aveva, and more

Modular Data Center Designs

Modular Data Center Designs ranging from single rack, to tactical edge, commercial, and data hall applications

Remote Managed and Onsite Services

Remote Managed and Onsite Services with centralized NOCs and over 1,000 NAM Field Engineers 

InRow Cooling

Symmetra PX 250KW

Netshelter Rack PDU

iBusway Distribution

To learn more about our APC capabilities, speak with an expert or to take advantage of what we have in our labs, please complete our Contact Us form and be sure to follow our Facilities Infrastructure topic. 

APC by Schneider Electric Elite Data Center Partner Certification

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