BigPanda and WWT

BigPanda: Domain-agnostic AIOps for WWT customers

Built from the ground-up for large, complex and dynamic IT environments, BigPanda’s Event Correlation and Automation platform, powered by domain-agnostic AIOps, helps IT organizations prevent and resolve IT outages. WWT works with BigPanda to help customers reduce operational costs, increase application performance and availability, and accelerate business velocity. Click here for a quick explainer video.

According to the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for AIOps, the AIOps market is growing rapidly, with an estimated market size: $900M-$1.5 billion, CAGR of 15% between 2020 and 2025. Enterprises have started adopting AIOps platforms in place of traditional monitoring tool categories, and increasing their use of AIOps across various aspects of IT operations management (ITOM) as they mature their DevOps and SRE practices.

WWT customers who are considering AIOps should be aware of the two types of AIOps vendors as defined by Gartner: domain-centric (for a limited number of applications, services or use cases) versus domain-agnostic (providing the ability to integrate data from the widest range applications and services, across many use cases). 

A few other takeaways from the Gartner report: 

  • Domain-agnostic AIOps is the future - requirements for increased flexibility for processing highly diverse datasets are having a significant impact on the market and shifting AIOps platforms toward domain-agnostic functionality.
  • As organizations mature in AIOps adoption, they require a single domain-agnostic platform across I&O, DevOps, SRE and, in some cases, security practices.
  • Vendors that focus solely on domain-centric approaches will have success with customers who are not ready to take advantage of the benefits of a domain-agnostic tool. However, as more organizations look to move to domain-agnostic options, vendors focusing solely on domain-centric technology will find themselves left out of the market discussion.

Three reasons BigPanda is the leading domain-agnostic AIOps vendor:

  1. Rapid results - BigPanda has out-of-the-box integrations with monitoring, observability, change and topology tools, and its correlation engine starts creating intelligent patterns immediately. BigPanda AIOps deployments typically complete in less than three months.
  2. Open Box Machine Learning - BigPanda automatically correlates related alerts into high-level incidents, and delivers advanced, automated root cause analysis that explains logic to the user in plain language. A control panel for ML pattern editing and testing gives operators trust, transparency and control over the system’s intelligence.
  3. Automation of tasks - BigPanda smoothly integrates with ticketing, notification and chat tools to accelerate existing incident management processes and cross-team collaboration through automation.

WWT customers leverage BigPanda to implement AIOps in three key areas:

Event Correlation

BigPanda aggregates, normalizes and enriches data from across your fragmented tools for observability, monitoring, change and topology. It then uses Open Box Machine Learning to correlate that data into actionable insight.

This helps IT Operations teams detect incidents as they form, in real-time, before they escalate into painful outages.

BigPanda also provides IT executives, Service Owners, and team managers with powerful analytics to track incident trends, KPIs and metrics to increase long-term operational efficiencies.

Accelerated Root Cause Analysis

BigPanda gives organizations the ability to quickly drill down and isolate the root cause of incidents and outages. This includes automatically identifying changes to infrastructure and applications that cause most outages and incidents today, as well as lower-level infrastructure problems.

Instead of wasting hours or days on bridge calls trying to find the root cause of outages, IT Operations teams can now identify root cause in minutes and take action quickly.

Level-0 Automation

BigPanda streamlines the incident response lifecycle with automatic incident triage, automatic bi-directional ticketing, automatic notifications and automatic war room creation. BigPanda also connects to third-party runbook automation tools to run workflow automations that enable faster incident response and increase your team’s efficiency.

BigPanda gives IT Operations teams time back that was once spent on manual tasks, shaves critical seconds and minutes off the incident management lifecycle, and drives faster incident resolution.

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