October 24, 2019, St. Louis - World Wide Technology (WWT), a global technology solutions company, today announced its selection as an exclusive North American technology partner for the sale, integration and deployment of the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD ™. DGX SuperPOD has achieved groundbreaking performance and is ranked as the world's 22nd most powerful supercomputer on the TOP500 list. It is specially designed for artificial intelligence research and hyperscale data center production environments supporting machine learning or deep learning workloads that require the fastest computing performance.

Unlike most supercomputers, which often take months to design and deploy, the DGX SuperPOD is an integrated solution that can be deployed and made fully operational for advanced AI/ML (machine learning) data science in as little as three weeks. This rapid timeframe can be realized via WWT's unique capabilities for data center technology integration, deep AI data science experience and custom engineering with multiple OEM storage options available for customers.

DGX SuperPOD as integrated by WWT includes: 

  • 64 DGX-2 nodes with 1,024 V100 Tensor Core GPUs for accelerated ML and deep learning model development.
  • More than 128 peta FLOPS of AI performance.
  • Mellanox terabit speed InfiniBand networking  per DGX-2 node.
  • Fast and efficient storage options.

As with all DGX products, NVIDIA provides access to AI software including pre-optimized frameworks, pre-built models and scripts for for ML and deep learning research.

Several DGX SuperPOD supercomputers are already in production for massive scale natural language processing (NLP) solutions, providing contextual understanding of voice and text for customer-facing applications, as well as autonomous vehicle system development and geospatial research for energy companies.

"WWT is pleased to be selected as an NVIDIA exclusive partner for the DGX SuperPOD in North America," said Tim Brooks, Managing Director for AI Solutions at WWT. "As an NVIDIA Deep Learning Partner of the Year during the last two years, WWT's team of data scientists, ML architects and engineers have accumulated tremendous experience in AI infrastructure deployment, data governance, and optimized data science solutioning to help our customers scale their AI initiatives. The DGX SuperPOD offers record-breaking performance, scalability, and optimized high performance infrastructure, and we are excited to begin integrating and deploying additional DGX supercomputers for our customers right away."

"Enterprises that want to lead in AI need infrastructure that can solve the most important AI challenges. With DGX SuperPOD, any organization can acquire a world-class supercomputer in a fraction of the time, cost and resources consumed by traditional approaches. WWT is a trusted partner in making this game-changing technology available to every enterprise that wants to transform their business with the power of AI," said Charlie Boyle, vice president, general manager, DGX systems, NVIDIA.

To learn more about NVIDIA and WWT solutions, visit us at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference in Washington, Nov. 4-6 at the Ronald Reagan Center, in booth 402.


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