Adva Packet Network Timing

May 5, 2021

Technology Overview

Timing in modern packet-based networks is often overlooked and sometimes considered only relevant to legacy SONET networks, but IP based timing and synchronization is more important than ever. 5G networks, IoT and power utilities are just a few environments that need precise timing and synchronization to ensure applications run smoothly and bandwidth/spectrum is used efficiently. Power transmission, control and monitoring systems rely on timing and sync to operate with redundancy and reliability, ensuring continuous control, uptime, alerts and analytics. Solutions that support legacy and IP based timing signals are critical to continuous operations.

  • Core PTP/NTP/Sync-E solutions with telecom grade redundancy with full BITS & Composite Clock support.
  • Access network timing sources with high performance IRIG/1PPS/Frequency outputs with PTP/NTP/Sync-E support.
  • Cost effective, high performance micro PTP solutions for network edge applications.

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