CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection

August 21, 2020

Technology Overview

CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust is a powerful tool that enables organizations to enforce IT policy while providing real-time prevention from attackers. This is accomplished using data analytics and insights drawn from identity stores, behavioral patterns, and risk analytics. Being that the majority of breaches involved compromised credentials, Falcon Zero Trust provides value by segmenting identities and using risk-based conditional access all while automating enforcement.

CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection provides granular visibility and control over incidents involving protocols like NTLM, RDP, RPC and LDAP/S, which are impossible or difficult to detect with many traditional network tools.s

Key Benefits

  • RDP access controls Ransomware proliferation limitation and prevention
  • Microsoft AD & Azure AD Directory Accounts Insights & Analytics
  • Real-time Identity Incident Detection & Prevention
  • Deep Packet inspection of Live Traffic
  • Access Controls triggered by changing risk score
  • Threat Hunting and SIEM/ SOAR integration
  • MFA/SSO integration for conditional access by behavioral or deterministic detection
  • Flexible, custom reports
  • Detection only (Identity Threat Detection) or policy enforcement (Zero Trust) options

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