Hitachi VSP N Series

July 15, 2020

Technology Overview

Enterprise-Class NAS

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) N series

Businesses are under increasing pressure to address the substantial growth of unstructured data and life-cycle challenges. They need a simplified data management storage system to be more efficient and deliver information faster while maintaining customer interest and maximizing revenue. It is also critical that this infrastructure ensures enterprise reliability and operational simplicity.

The new Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) N series has an enhanced accelerated file system that dramatically improves return on investment (ROI). VSP N series provides value beyond the traditional file storage systems by exceeding support for 20,000 shares and 1,000 file systems for enterprise consolidation. Information management, storage, sharing, backup, and retrieval have been improved for even the most significant data sets. With new features to support continuous availability across data centers, the VSP N series serves as a robust file storage solution.

Automated Data Management 

Intelligent cloud tiering provides the mobility and control in the cloud by transparently migrating data between local and external cloud tiers using a policy-based business rules engine. With an improved file system extension to the cloud, the VSP N series improves performance, drives capacity efficiency, and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO). It leverages cost-effective cloud capacity to store stale or less active data while providing local transparent access for users and applications.

  • Public cloud targets: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and IBM® Cloud Object Storage.
  • Private cloud: Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) and IBM Cloud Object Storage.
  • The Cross-volume link enables files that have been migrated to a cloud environment to be transparently accessed by the application for nondisruptive retrieval.

Tiered file system (TFS) separates file system metadata from user data. TFS automatically places file system metadata on a higher performance storage tier to increase file system performance while also providing cost efficiency. Enhanced object replication with throughput throttling improves the quality of service (QoS). Deduplication supports multiple targets and eliminates rehydration of embedded cross volume links. All while allowing up to 3 data center support powered by our global-active device metro-clustering. The cluster namespace feature creates a unified directory structure across storage pools and controllers. Multiple file systems appear under a common root, and both server message block (SMB) and network file system (NFS) clients obtain global access via any controller. Powered by Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS), the VSP N series ensures consistent performance over time and prevents latency spikes that could be caused by other workloads. SVOS offers powerful QoS functionality that is adaptive and activating when needed giving you maximum leverage of system performance. The VSP N series supports both file and block workloads for significant consolidation and operational simplicity. File modules are designed with a hardware-accelerated architecture, using field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) for active, critical, and sensitive file services. Individual file systems belong to a Hitachi Enterprise Virtual Server for NAS, and each server has its own set of IP addresses, policies, and different port assignments. 

No Compromise Consolidation

Eliminate redundant data and achieve up to 90% capacity savings. 

  • Unlimited virtual capacity supports long term growth per file system, with cloud extension up to 130 billion objects.
  • Hardware-accelerated architecture FPGA: Primary data deduplication leverages an FPGA offload engine to perform CPU-intensive hash operations that reduce the impact on file-serving performance.
  • Multitenant security: Designed for up to 64 enterprise virtual servers (EVS) with each having its security context to segregate network traffic for increased security
  • Unmatched simplicity and power: Little to no administration, configuration, or tuning is required. Scheduling is not necessary. The premium deduplication option provides additional ingest performance by increasing the number of logical state machines.
  • Adaptive data reduction services with FPGAs and flash modules (FMDs), including deduplication and compression, minimize storage footprint and enable savings

Best-In-Class Efficiency

VSP N series enables a broad range of efficiency technologies that deliver maximum value and more predictable ongoing costs. Our direct cloud connects function to move file data to your choice of content repository transparently. Cloud service (Hitachi Content Platform, Amazon S3, IBM Cloud Object Store, or Microsoft Azure) allows you to gain unparalleled reduction in on-site storage costs and more predictable ongoing storage costs. All services are selectable and can be activated for specific workloads, giving you maximum control over efficiency and performance. VSP N series offers linked writable snapshot clones. With linked clones, thousands — even millions — of copies of data sets are created very rapidly while using near-zero extra capacity. For highly virtualized environments, the ability to create a standard “gold image” that can be used across virtual machines and desktops not only saves money but also reduces support and management costs.

Multilayered Data Protection

  • NAS object-based replication provides a fast and efficient means to replicate data over wide area networks, improves recovery time objectives (RTOs), and facilitates simple failover and failback operations.
  • Achieve fully synchronous active-active clustering of up to 500km with an automated takeover, when implemented with global-active device metro-clustering.
  • Global-active device ensures continuous operations with non-stop data access so IT teams can meet their disaster recovery objectives with dramatically reduced return-to-operations time.
  • A variety of snapshot options provides point-in-time data protection capabilities:
  • File system snapshot includes hidden snapshot folder read-only access and Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) recovery capability for local data protection of end-user files and folders.
  • File and directory clones enable the creation of capacity-efficient writable snapshots (clones) of files to accelerate production data copies in testing and development and virtual server and virtual desktop infrastructure environments. Directory clones extend the file cloning capability to directory trees to enable protection or repurposing of applications and databases.

100% Data Availability Guaranteed

Built on legendary Hitachi reliability, the VSP N series offers complete system redundancy and is backed by our industry-leading 100% data availability guarantee. The VSP N series includes nondisruptive updates and hot-swappable components, which are essential for enterprise workloads.

Simple, Powerful Management

Powerful functionality comes bundled with an enhanced software stack that lays the groundwork for a smart data center. The base software package includes local replication, analytics, data mobility, nondisruptive migration, and SVOS. Additional software add-ons include premium deduplication, automation director, remote replication, and global-active device to support more demanding service level agreement requirements. Improved insights into application and system behavior enable predictive planning and budget control. Our advanced data replication software facilitates robust business-continuity solutions among multiple data centers.

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