The Edge Disconnect

Edge is a $17 billion opportunity.       Make the most of it.

WWT research conducted with Analysys Mason details a game plan service providers can use to become an authority in the enterprise edge computing space. The Edge Disconnect Report includes: 

  • Drivers for edge by sector
  • Key use cases in critical industries
  • Challenges to edge adoption
  • The role of service providers in the edge ecosystem


Craft your own enterprise edge strategy.

Think differently about the process of capturing your organization's existing capabilities in edge and mapping them to the needs of your customers with this interactive workbook.



Validate next-generation edge applications in real places with real people.

WWT's Edge Innovation Studio is a real-world environment where applications and use cases can be proved out and validated before being deployed at scale.  


Unlock the power of 5G: Scalable edge deployments made fast and easy.

Our validated edge architectures are designed to create new 5G revenue streams for service providers by delivering industry vertical applications to customers via their mobile edge computing platform.

  • Optimized edge architectures
  • Industry-tailored solutions
  • Simplified global deployment

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