Dell PowerEdge MX7000 Training

4 hours
This training will cover various areas of the MX7000. It is intended for users new to the platform as well as those looking for more advanced skillset.

What to Expect

Learn how the Dell PowerEdge MX7000 can easily be deployed and managed in your environment. You'll work with WWT experts to get hands-on experience with our lab that covers topics in the following areas:

  • Learn about MX7000 hardware
  • Experience OpenManage Modular navigation and administration
  • Configure a MX7000 chassis and Smart Fabric
  • Create and deploy server templates
  • Learn basic troubleshooting and operational skills
  • Get hands on with OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter

Goals & Objectives

Our guided lab provides and introduction to deploying the MX7000 and configuring servers for virtual workloads.

The lab can also be customized to cover more advanced configurations outside of the initial set up of a MX7000 environment. The WWT team can collaborate with each customer to define the specific educational needs in order to maximize the learning experience.


What's Next?

Learn more about Server Infrastructure, stay up-to-date with the industry and the new technology we have at WWT.