VMware NSX-T Training Class

8 hours
Software-defined networking is the future of data center networking. NSX-T provides that framework. This class will educate you about and explore the basics of NSX-T. There will be labs to help build out the environment by preparing your ESXi Hosts. Once that is complete, you will explore both switching and routing configurations. There is a three tier application provisioned to assist in demonstrating the distributed firewall capabilities of NSX-T. Each of the above sections will also include a lecture component that helps educate you on that particular subject. There will also be time to provide Q&A and whiteboarding to help address concerns, questions or design topics.

What to Expect

The goal of this class is to help familiarize you with VMware NSX-T constructs. This class will cover the following: 
  • NSX-T platform and architecture overview
  • Add a compute manager
  • Prepare compute and edge nodes
  • Configure logical switching
  • Configure logical routing
  • Configure distributed firewall