Poly G40-T Overview & Demo of Microsoft Teams Room Setup


WWT's collaboration Technical Solutions Architect, Tim Cappel, demos the Poly G40-T Microsoft Teams Room system.

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading conferencing providers today. There are many options currently for conferencing devices that natively run Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams Room systems are in demand for the ease of setup and integration with Teams. Poly is one of the leading provider of MTR systems.

With these devices, an organization provides its users an easy-to-use platform. Starting a meeting is as easy as pushing a button. For a more contactless experience, you can use your Teams app on a mobile device to start the meeting. We demonstrate how this MS Teams room can be used not only to join MS Teams meetings, but also Webex or Zoom meetings. Having a consistent experience across the enterprise allows for easy training and fewer in-room issues.

From an administrator perspective, these systems are easily setup and managed through the Teams admin portal. This gives you a one page view of all your systems and their status. Having good monitoring and analytics helps IT organizations avoid large issues and helps keep user satisfaction high. 

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