Pure FlashBlade Object Replication


This is the third of a three part video series on Pure Storage FlashBlade Replication. This video focuses on the Object Storage replication feature. Replication is configured to a Destination FlashBlade and to an S3 Target in AWS in this video.

Pure Storage and WWT are working together to help showcase the latest technology advancements in the Advanced Technology Center in our Digital Platform.  

We are excited to have worked with Pure Storage to upgrade our FlashBlade systems to Purity //FB 3.0. This software release has opened up important new features our joint customers have been waiting for. The most significant feature in this release is File and Object Replication.

Object Replication

Purity//FB 3.0.0 introduces object replication. Two FlashBlade arrays can be connected, or a FlashBlade and an AWS S3 target can be connected, allowing asynchronous object replication from a bucket on the array to a bucket on the second array or S3 target. With object replication, objects are automatically replicated when they are written to the source bucket. 

S3 targets that are not AWS are not supported. 

Object replication is configured and managed using the Purity//FB GUI, CLI, and REST API. 

Note the following: 

  • Objects that were created before the creation of the object replica link are not eligible for replication.
  • Object versioning on the target bucket must be enabled.

Note that when connecting arrays, the management IP address required during configuration cannot be a loopback IP address. Cascading replication topology is not supported.