Pure Storage FlashBlade Replication: Part 2


This is the second video in a three-part series on FlashBlade Purity 3.0 which includes asynchronous replication. We'll will focus on file (NFS) based replication with two Flashblade Systems a source and a target.

Data is your organization’s most valuable asset, but slow and complex legacy storage systems often make it hard to put it to use. Pure Storage® FlashBlade™ is the industry's most advanced file and object storage platform ever. It’s a platform built to consolidate data silos so you can accelerate discoveries and insights. 

WWT teamed up with Pure Storage to bring in the latest hardware in to the Advanced Technology Center. In this video, we showcase the latest release of Purity //FB. Purity 3.0 now has asynchronous replication, and this video walks through the basics on how to setup file based replication from a source to a destination FlashBlade system.