VMware vSphere Guest Content Distribution Demo


vSphere 7 Update 2 released the new feature of "VMware Tools Guest Content Distribution," like a private CDN.

One of the problems many of our customers have is managing content and configurations at scale. How do you keep a fleet of VMs in sync with VMware Tools configurations, sysadmin scripts and utilities? Some organizations solve this problem with additional systems, but that adds complexity and takes staff time. Every new tool in an environment is an application that needs care, feeding and support.

VMware have created a feature called Guest Store, or Guest Content Distribution, that enables customers to distribute content to VMs through vSphere. It’s been described as an internal content delivery network

A customer can set it up using any type of shared datastore and it has flexible and granular access policies to control and regulate distribution from both the vSphere and the VM sides of the system. Flexible and secure and solves a real problem for many customers.