WWT Implements Workspace ONE for Endpoint Device Management


After a proof of concept with several leading end-user device management technologies, WWT selected VMware’s Workspace ONE for end-point device management. In this video, the stakeholders involved in choosing Workspace ONE at WWT discuss the challenges they faced prior to implementation, how Workspace ONE addressed those challenges and a few examples showcasing the value of a single unified endpoint management system.

The power of a unified endpoint management system, like VMware's Workspace ONE, is demonstrated not only in its ability to give employees access to any application on any device from any location, but in simplifying and accelerating IT tasks like employee onboarding and system updates. Leveraging the data available in Workspace ONE, your organization can work smarter and faster to drive business outcomes. Read further about how our internal IT team implemented Workspace ONE and the impact we experienced.

In addition, our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) allows us to demonstrate the capabilities and features of Workspace ONE as well as its integrations with Citrix and Horizon. If you're interested in exploring how a unified endpoint management platform can benefit your organization, schedule a briefing or workshop with our experts today!