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As VMware moves toward a subscription-based model under Broadcom, corporations and organizations are confronted with the need to adapt to new frameworks for product bundling and escalating prices. In alliance with AWS, WWT delivers an all-encompassing solution to effortlessly steer through this shift. Our solutions are dedicated to enabling corporations and organizations to welcome transformation, augment efficiency, and fully capitalize on their IT investments.

VMware's acquisition: What does it mean for you?

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has several implications for customers. Firstly, it's anticipated that Broadcom will align operations with its own financial model, focusing on its core customers. This could lead to price increases and support challenges, particularly for midsize and smaller customers. This has led to concerns about potential cost increases and control implications for customers who rely heavily on VMware technology.

Broadcom's acquisition has also led to concerns about the future direction of VMware, with fears of reduced investment in research and development, potentially slowing the pace of innovation. There are also concerns about the post-acquisition support experience, with fears of layoffs, longer resolution times, less qualified support engineers and higher costs.

Moreover, there are concerns about the relationship between enterprise organizations and their pre-acquisition VMware sales and support teams. Many VMware employees were laid off following the acquisition, and with the end of the VMware partner programs, many partners are unsure how to transact VMware business.

In light of these changes, Gartner recommends customers take actions such as performing a baseline inventory of existing VMware products, seeking written commitments from VMware for technical enhancements, negotiating exit clauses in new multiyear contracts, and identifying alternative solutions and migration activities.

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