Webex Boards FAQs

How do I use the whiteboard feature on the Webex Board?

To access the whiteboard function go to the Home screen (tap the Home button) and then tap Whiteboard. The size of a whiteboard page is as large as you want. To save your whiteboard drawings you may send them as emails to the recipient of your choice. The format used is PDF.

How do I place to a call Using the Webex Board?

Tap the green Call button.  A cursor will appear in the text input field and the virtual keyboard will be invoked.  Key in a name, number or address. Possible matches and/or suggestions will appear as you type. If the correct match appears in the list tap that match, otherwise keep typing.  When you have typed or located whom to call, tap the name and then tap the green Call button to place the call.

How do I receive a call using the Webex Board?

Tap the green button (left) to accept and the red button (right) to reject. 

What do I do to share content from the Webex Board?

Outside a call - Tap Share screen.  Connect your presentation source via cable or Proximity. You will now be able to share the selected content of your presentation source. Tap Start sharing. If you choose not to share content, press the Home button to return to Home screen.  Tap Stop sharing to halt your presentation.

While in a call - Tap the Home button to produce the buttons on the display.  Tap the blue Share screen button. To return to call now, tap the green field (Tap to return to call) along the top of the screen.  Connect your presentation source via cable or Proximity and tap Start sharing. You will now share the selected content of your presentation source.  Tap Stop sharing to halt your presentation.

How do I annotate content on the Webex Board?

Outside a call, share a presentation make sure you display the image you want to annotate. Tap the screen, if needed, to produce the Annotation icon and then tap the Annotation icon.  Make your annotations using the tools available and tap Done when finished.  You will now be offered to resume the presentation or to stop it completely. Your annotated image will exist as a whiteboard page. Tap as shown to produce thumbnails of all your whiteboard pages.  You may now add another whiteboard page or delete any of the whiteboard pages. Please note that the whiteboard pages will be erased when your session is over, unless you e-mail them.

How do I send annotations or drawings by E-Mail from the Webex Board?

Tap the Upload icon. If you have more than one whiteboard page, select the one to send by e-mail. Then tap the Next arrow. Tap to add recipient(s).  Once you have entered the recipients, tap as shown to send the e-mail. The format used is PDF.

Can I turn the camera on/off on the Webex Board?

Yes, tap anywhere on the screen to produce the buttons shown along the bottom of the screen. Tap the Camera button, as shown. Tap again to set the outgoing video back on.

How do I move the Selfview (picture in picture) using the Webex Board?

Unless you have made the Selfview image sticky, the Selfview is shown only when the row of buttons are displayed. Tap the screen to produce these buttons. To make the Selfview sticky, tap the text telling you to pin the Selfview image. To unpin, repeat the procedure. To move, tap and hold the Selfview image.  Start dragging it to the new position.  Once there, remove your finger from the screen.  The Selfview image will now have assumed its new position.

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