Aruba Access Network Workshop

4 hours
A deep dive into Aruba's ESP Access Network capabilities, both wired and wireless.

What to Expect

Items that can be covered in the workshop but are not limited to:

  • Architecture Overview and SWOT Discussion
  • Aruba Labs - A curated tour and hands-on with the WWT Aruba Lab environment
  • Uses Cases. Customer's own and Similar Deployments - A Review and Discussion
  • A Readiness Assessment, High-Level Design and/or High Level Bill of Material

Goals & Objectives

The Aruba ESP Access Network Workshop is designed as deep-dive for those customers seriously considering Aruba as their Access Network. The framework of the workshop is flexible so that it can be structured to focus on areas of particular interest to the customer. Depending upon the areas and depth of knowledge the customer chooses, the workshop can be from a half-day to two days. 

All World Wide Technology Workshops include a deliverable(s). In the case of this Workshop that might be a Readiness Assessment, a High-Level Design, a High-Level Bill of Material or all three.


Gain a deep understanding as well as practical knowledge of the Aruba ESP Access Network. Understand how your particular use cases and issues could benefit from this architecture.