Accelerating data science discovery using NVIDIA’s GPU-based technology

WWT is a global elite partner of NVIDIA, with numerous DGX-1 deployments to date in the financial services, insurance, automotive, life sciences, healthcare, software, energy and telecommunications sectors. The WWT data science team has experience in the optimization of NVIDIA DGX-1 technology for deep learning applications, enabling WWT customers to realize faster time-to-value from their investment in deep learning technology.

WWT offers deep learning optimization workshops that are customized to address the best practices, tools and data engineering processes that will provide each WWT customer with the full realization of the DGX-1’s value.

Each workshop is carefully scoped in advance with the engagement of WWT’s team of Ph.D. data scientists, data engineers and machine learning specialists.

Sample deliverables from WWT deep learning workshops:

  • Optimization strategies for the intake and pre-processing of video, image and voice data sources
  • Use case development and creation of strategies for putting deep learning models into production
  • Network bottlenecks and architectural assessment for sustainable deep learning performance at scale
  • Tactics for how to supplement data sets with additional sources of data to improve model performance
  • Best practices in data management and data governance for deep learning

Each workshop includes:

  • An in-depth discussion of industry best practices for deep learning
  • Ideation and assessment exercises designed to explore challenges unique to deep learning maturity
  • Sample use case examination
  • A post-workshop summary that catalogs the ideas, exchanges and action steps designed to create value for each customer

WWT has advanced expertise in big data streaming technologies such as Spark, Kafka, Storm, etc. The data science team at WWT has also developed deep learning modules using TensorFlow and Theano, particularly in the area of image recognition.

View our Deep Learning Optimization Workshop brochure.